What we do
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Panel System
  • Solar PV Farm Installation
  • Inverter for PV Panels

  • Solar Heating Systems
  • Solar Energy for Commercial Projects
  • Solar Energy for Cooling
  • Solar Energy working with Underfloor Heating
  • Solar Energy working with Heatpumps
  • Solar Energy working with Solid Fuel Stoves
Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) @13.5%
Gilroy's PV solar system's come under the home renovation incentive (HRI) @13.5% of the cost on residential installations.Read More
Sole Trader/ Business up to 57.7%
All of our photovoltaic solar system’s come under the Full Capital Allowances Tax Incentive (SEAI) Read More

We are a company which specialises in Green Energy ( Renewables ) Micro Generation, PV Solar Panels in grid or stand alone, Thermodynamic Solar Panels Systems, Heat Pumps, Stoves, Boilers, Under Floor Heating etc.

We cover both Residential & Commercial.  All areas of Ireland covered. Our high levels of business and referrals are down to the fact that we are a company that cares and carries through on it commitments.

We aim to consistently deliver a friendly and professional service second to none. Go Eco-friendly & reduce your energy bills.

We are a new & innovative PV company based in Munster & Leinster in Ireland and we are proud to bring High Quality PV Technology (Photovoltaics) to Ireland at truly affordable prices.

PV technology uses solar radiation to generate electricity for your home, farm or business, generating cheap, clean, renewable electricity to use for all purposes even to heat hot water.

PV panels and modules can generate electricity for your whole house, business or farm so whether you're using a washing machine or an industrial dishwasher, you can now generate a significant proportion of electricity yourself, with renewable power at your fingertips.

We at gilroys.ie are always looking for ways that we can save our clients money and lowering there Co2 carbon emissions. This is why we are offering battery storage from 2 KWHS to 1,000s KWHS so our clients can store any excess electric generated during the daylight and use the stored electric after dark from the battery storage system(s).

This will work with our clients that are heating water, building ice or running computers, lights or any one using electric day or night. If you would like more information on our photovoltaic solar system(s) or our battery electric storage systems. Our battery systems will work with photovoltaic Carports, Ground mounded or Rooftop systems

Contact us today for a free survey to see if your home or premises is suitable for an installation from leading suppliers.

PV technology is the cost effective and renewable way to generate electricity wherever you are.

Phone Leinster 01 814 8929 or Munster 066 711 5920.

With over 25 year's experience your work will be in safe hands.