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Underfloor Heating

To get the very best for our customers we at Gilroy’s green energy ltd, that’s why we only choose the best under floor system to suite your installation. With over 25 years experience your works will be in safe hands with Gilroy’s.

The Gilroy’s green energy ltd system has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible to install with component parts manufactured under an ISO9001 Quality management system. The system has water pumped from a boiler / stove or other heat source to a pump pack where it is mixed to approximately 50°C then distributed via a manifold to heating circuits made using barrier pipe. The pipe is laid in concrete or suspended floors just below the surface or timber flooring. A wide range of electrical components means the system can have as much or as little control as required.

So if you are thinking of undertake an under floor heating project get on to With Gilroy’s green energy LTD, you can be assured of our standing in the marketplace. Gilroy’s green energy LTD has a long established reputation as a leading supply and installers which is built on producing consistently high quality works and innovative product development. This commitment to quality also extends beyond our site gates. During the installation process, members of our National team of Technical Engineers will be available to offer on-site support and advice to our clients before and after the Certificate of Completion & Commissioning.

So if you are thinking to have a under floor project done get in contact with Gilroy’s green energy LTD phone 01 814 8929 / 066 711 5920. So before you have it done Call us for a free quote today.