This is another 6 KWH photovoltaic solar system that we have installed in Ballmac, Farranfore, Killarney Co Kerry.

As well as a 6 KWH Photovoltaic solar system which will generate 6,300 KWH of electricity per year saving the client €1,386.00 and reduce their Co2 footprint by 3,191KG. Gilroy’s Green Energy Ltd also installed a Watson Optimmersion which will send any unused home generated electricity to an appliance like an immersion water heater, electric under floor heating, or run your geothermal heat pump.

With this system it is used to run the house and heat a 500 litre water tank for the underfloor heating system so that the boiler is NOT constantly used thereby saving the client on oil as well as the electricity bill. We at Gilroy’s Green Energy Ltd will always keep up with all the newest versions of energy efficient ways to save our clients the maximum on their energy costs by keeping our eyes open and our ears to the ground on up to date ways to reduce their energy usage.

All of our photovoltaic solar panels come with a 25 year guarantee and with NO moving parts so there is no maintenance required for a Gilroy’s photovoltaic solar system. So if you are thinking of a photovoltaic solar system get in contact with Gilroy’s today for a Free Survey and no obligation quote.

You’ll be in safe hands with Gilroys Green Energy, with over 25 years experience.

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