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With over 30 years experience your works will be in safe hands with Gilroy’s.

We are so proud off our systems we love to show them off. If you are interested in a PV Solar System, come and see one of our fully finished and commissioned systems installed and working all across Ireland.

SEAI grant is €2,400 max from the 15th February 2022 for home Solar systems.

TAMS provides a 40% grant on a solar PV investment, while young qualified farmers can get up to 60% in grant aid.

All of Gilroy’s photovoltaic solar system(s) come under the Full Capital Allowances TAX Incentive plus Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACA) under the SEAI with (ROI) up to 52% per year.

PV Systems

Photovoltaic Solar or PV Solar works with the sun/daylight to generate DC electricity which goes though a inverter in your building to give AC electricity which you can use or Store in Battery.


Our Services

We provide a range of services for renewable and building works. We are available to offer advice on any size project.

Solar PV

Industrial / Commercial

Agricultural / Farming

Heat Pumps

Gilroys are a highly efficient & reliable company, they supplied & installed The Five KW PV system for me at the agreed date & they arranged the connection to the grid at the same time. I am happy to recommend.



Our Partners

we work with and are accredited by some of the leading electrical companies. All our work is complient with industry standards.

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