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Why use Solar Panels for Businesses?

Did you know that solar panels can reduce your business’s environmental footprint and save you money every year? Commercial solar panels can be beneficial regardless of whether your company is large or small.

Most businesses are active in the daytime, which means they are the perfect candidates for utilising solar panels. The energy produced by solar panels immediately flows back to the grid unless you pair your solar array with a solar battery storage system.

One of the key benefits is the substantial cost savings — even small businesses can save hundreds of Euros each year.

Over the 25-year lifetime of solar panels, this equates to thousands of Euros. If you operate industrial solar panels, you can sell excess energy to utility companies for a profit.

Commercial PV Panels on industrial sheds

Factors that will impact how much energy a Solar PV system will generate are:

  • The efficiency of the panel.
  • The overall size of the PV array.
  • The latitude of the location.
  • Which direction the panels face.
  • The angle at which the panels are mounted.

  • The amount of shade that may cover the panels.

Big Reductions in Electricity Overheads

Ireland has some of the highest electricity prices in Europe. This is a major reason why solar energy is financially attractive here. Solar energy is a great match for businesses in particular. Specifically, most businesses use a lot of power in the middle of the day, right when solar panels perform best.

This helps you maximise solar energy utilisation. Additionally, solar helps you avoid peak daytime electricity tariffs. Overall, savings and returns on investment can be very attractive.

More specifically, Irish businesses can get around 30% of their electricity needs from solar panels. With day/night metering, that can mean savings as high as 35-40% on bills. Solar also protects you from rising electricity prices. This is especially important as carbon taxes increase.

These savings typically translate into a return on investment of 10-15% per year. However, returns can be as high 25% if you qualify for a grant.

The benefits of solar panels for business go beyond practicality and saving money. By switching to commercial solar panels, you are also lowering your business’ carbon footprint.

This is based on the amount of greenhouse gases produced by your actions. Solar energy is renewable and carbon neutral. Switching would indicate your business’s commitment to green and sustainable practices.


“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy what a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that”.

Thomas Edison, 1931

Commercial Solar Panel Grants

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland provide several grants that cover solar panels for businesses. The most popular one is the Better Energy Communities (BEC) scheme. With the BEC, you partner with other organisations in your local area to receive a grant of 30%.

For large companies, the EXCEED grant is also an option. EXCEED also provides a grant rate of 30%. Unfortunately though, EXCEED is not suitable for small businesses due to the arduous application process. You can receive either the BEC or the EXCEED grant but not both.

You can also claim the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) on solar panel investments. This gives you 12.5% of your investment back as corporation tax savings. The key to the ACA is that you get all the tax benefits up front. Alternatively, the Wear and Tear Allowance provides the same saving, but spread out over 8 years. With the ACA and a grant, your total financial incentive can be as high as 42.5%.

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