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Air To Water (Heat Pumps)

First what is a heat pump? If you take your fridge is cool on the inside but there is warmth at the back of it. This warmth is the heat energy the fridge took out of the warm items you put into your fridge to cool down. Simply put a heat pump is just a fridge that tries to cool the outside environment and as a result it moves the heat into your home. An air to water heat pump or air source heat pump (ASHP) extracts this energy from the air in the outside environment.

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Air To Water Heat Pump Benefits

An air to water heat pump typically costs 55% to 65% less to heat your home than a tradition fossil fuel system such as an oil or gas boiler. Put simply the ‘efficiency’ of an air to water heat pump is from 200 % to 350% whereas even a condensing boiler has an efficiency of only 90% This essentially means that for every 4 units of heat put into your house or building, 3 of those units come free from the outside environment. The main benefit of an air to water heat pump to a homeowner is very high efficiency resulting in low heating costs for your house or building.

Because most of the heat energy supplied to your house is free from nature, there is a very low carbon footprint which gives a better energy rating compared to ‘traditional’ fossil fuel based heating systems.

The main benefit to you is low running costs for your heating plus lowering your Co2 carbon footprint.

System Design

Here at Gilroys, we design air to water heat pump system that best suits your property, your requirements and your lifestyle. We will take into account all aspects such as available space, heat demand, lifestyle as well as other factors.

As Gilroys are not tied to any manufacturer or technology so if an air to water heat pump is not the best option for you, we won’t recommend it but if we do you can depend on Gilroys to specify the best possible solution to give you an efficient low running cost heating system that is high in comfort. We use manufactures such as Panasonic,  Nibe, Mitsubishi among others. We will always design your system with a holistic approach in mind to look at all contributing factors of your building and demands. No matter how big or small your project is, we have an air to water heat pump solution for you & your home.

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Gilroys are a highly efficient and reliable company, they supplied and installed a Air to Water system for me at the agreed date and they explained everything that i need to know. I am happy to recommend them to any person or company.

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Operating Principal

Air to water heat pumps extracts their heat energy from the outside air in order to heat your home or business. An air to water heat pump has an external heat exchanger unit that is like a car radiator but instead of expelling heat to the air it takes heat from the air. The air is pulled through the heat exchanger by a fan whenever the heat pump is on. The air to water heat pump heat exchanger has a refrigerant running through it which is able to absorb heat at a low temperature. Air to water heat pumps can heat your house or building even when it is as low as -15 degrees outside.

This refrigerant is then compressed or ‘pumped up’ to a higher temperature by the compressor just like in your fridge. This higher temperature heat is then passed to the water that circulates around through your radiators or under floor heating to heat your house or to your hot water tank to heat your shower and sink water. The temperature that the air to water heat pump gets from the air may only be at a low temperature but that heat can be pumped up to heat the water to 55 or 60 degrees.

From two thirds to three-quarters of the heat energy the air to water heat pump supplies to your home comes free from the air, you are only paying for a quarter of the heat energy you put into your house or building.

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Air To Water Heat Pump Types

There are essentially two main types of air to water heat pumps, split systems and mono block systems.

A split system air to water heat pump consists of an outside heat exchanger and fan unit and compressor and an indoor unit. The two units are connected by refrigerant pipes. The outdoor unit extracts the heat from the air and passes this heat energy to the refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant is compressed up to a high temperature and is circulated to the indoor unit which has a heat exchanger which takes the high temperature heat from the refrigerant and passes it to the water that circulates to the heating and hot water system.

A mono block air to water heat pump consists of a single outside unit that contains the air to refrigerant heat exchanger, the compressor and the refrigerant to water heat exchanger. In this mono block unit the heat is extracted from the air and passed to the refrigerant, the refrigerant is compressed up to a higher temperature and the heat from the refrigerant is passed to the water that circulates to the heating and hot water system. This outside mono block unit is connected into your house or building by means of two water pipes similar to an outside boiler system.

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