This is another 6 KWH photovoltaic solar system that we have installed on a farm on the Cork/ Limerick border on the 08/12/2014.

This Gilroy’s photovoltaic solar system will generate 6,300 KWH of electricity per year saving the client €1,386.00 on their energy bills per year at today’s energy costs. Plus this system will reduce their Co2 carbon footprint by 3,191 KG per year. All of Gilroy’s solar panels come with a 25 year guarantee and with NO moving parts there is no maintenance required to keep the system working and generating electricity for many years to come. We at Gilroy’s have over 25 years experience so your work’s will be in safe hands with Gilroy’s Green Energy Ltd. You can go-to for more information and see the TAX Incentive to any business to have a Gilroy’s PV solar system installed today.

If you would like to see this system or one of the orthers that we have installed get in touch at We cover all of Ireland.

You’ll be in safe hands with Gilroys Green Energy, with over 25 years experience.

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