Clare GAA Club generates its own electricity to save money!

Another 6KWp photovoltaic solar system installed on a GAA club in Co Clare. This photovoltaic solar system will generate in excess of 6,300 KWHS / units of electricity per year saving the club in exess of €1,350 per year, plus lowering their Co2 carbon footprint.

On this system we installed a Fronius inverter and one of our own made White box’s with Coils, Contacts and Relays so we are solar heating the water and Building. This will stop any of the generated green electric from the photovoltaic solar system going back to the grid.


So with our white box and Fronius inverter we are able to send the generated electric to heat 300 liters of water first then on to a storage heater and then on to another storage heater. But the most important thing is if the hot water cylinder start to reduce in temperature the generated electric will switch back to heat the water again.

Another great thing about this set up is that there is no OIL on site, so they will not be worrying about the oil been stolen anymore. If you would like to reduce your electric/ energy costs by up-to 60%, lower your Co2 footprint and not worry about your oil been stolen. For more information about one of our photovoltaic solar system’s or to see some of them working and generating green electric. Phone Leinster 01 8148929 Munster 066 7115920 and talk to one of our team or email

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