This is a bit about an Photovoltaic solar system that we have installed for a Residential Care Home in Co. Kerry, this photovoltaic solar system will generate in excess of 52,000KWHs ( units of electricity)  plus lowering our clients Co2 carbon footprint by more than 28,500KGs  and saving them over €11,500 on energy bills per year. This is giving our clients a return on investment of  more than 20% per year. The electricity generated on this site will be running air to water heat pumps, power the kitchen and lighting to the building, if you are using electricity or any other form of energy during daylight and would like to know how much you would save with one off our Photovoltaic solar system Just give one of our team a ring Leinter on 018148929 or 0429326432 or Munster on 0667115920 or email

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