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Save Money while helping the Environment

Thermodynamic benefits

Thermodynamic Solar Panel: (Collector) Which can be mounted on a sloped or flat roof, a vertical wall or at ground level.  It is preferentially mounted on a south facing altitude, but this is not essential.

Thermodynamic Solar Block: This includes the compressor, liquid reservoir, expansion valve and heat exchange.  This is all located with in a couple of meters of the cylinder.

Water Cylinder: We can use your existing cylinder if it is highly insulated stainless steel cylinder, if not we can supply and install a new one.

Small Diameter Gas Pipes: Copper piping between block and panel Installed by gilroys.ie trained engineer during installation.

Water Pipes: Connecting to the tank from mains supply of gravity feed supply and connecting to the main hot water out-flow connection are made to the heat exchange.

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Save Money And lower your C02 carbon footprint


With the only electrical power consumption being a small compressor motor (equivalent to that on a domestic fridge), the system can save up to 80% of your water heating costs. This means that the capital investment can be recouped in a short period. The system incorporates an environmentally friendly safe clean gas. It is non-combustible so there are no Co2 emissions or smells of any kind.


With thousands of systems already installed throughout Ireland and virtually no maintenance required, the system has proven itself as a reliable and extremely cost-effective alternative to conventional water heating methods.

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