Solar Panels Kerry

When looking for Solar Panels in Kerry it would be wise to choose a provider based in the County. At Gilroy’s we’ve over 30 years experience in solar installations, and have been based in Ardfert, Co. Kerry, for the last 14 years. We’ve provided solar panels across the length and breadth of the county, from Castleisland to Cahersiveen and everywhere in between. You can see more accurate details in our map of solar panel installs. We work across a variety of sectors including commercial, agricultural, residential & schools.

Are Solar Panels in Kerry Worth the investment?

From a purely residential perspective, according to the SEAI a solar pv panel install of 3kw can provide around 40% of an average household’s electricity needs a year. It’s difficult to provide accurate averages with such a variety in the quality of the panels and installers available. At Gilroy’s, being based in County Kerry, we understand how to harness the extra hours of sunlight and the (sometimes) clearer skies that we are fortunate to receive here in the Kingdom. This experience gives us the knowledge to tailor each install to the clients’ suitability and maximise the return on investment.

residential solar panels kerry
Solar PV install at Abbeydorney, Tralee, Co. Kerry

An example solar panel install in Kerry

residential solar panels kerry
Solar PV install at Abbeydorney, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Case Study: 5.22 KWp Photovoltaic Solar System, installed in abbeydorney, Tralee, Co. Kerry

  • Annual Savings: Over €2,500 saved annually on electricity/energy bills

  • Solar Panels: 12 Jonko 435 watt photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, backed by a 30-year warranty.

  • Roof Fixtures: All K2 roof fixtures and fixings included for secure and optimal installation.

  • Inverter: A Solax 5KWp Hybrid inverter, integrating seamlessly with the solar panel array.

  • Battery Storage: A 5.8KWh Triple-Power high voltage battery storage system, maximising energy savings and efficiency.

  • EV Charger: Zappi electric vehicle (EV) charger, supporting sustainable vehicle charging solutions.

  • Power Diverter: Eddie, designed to divert excess electricity efficiently to heat the hot water cylinder.

Why Now is the Ideal Time for Solar Panel Installation in Kerry

With the continuous advancements in solar technology, the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems are continually improving, making them a more viable option than ever before. The costs of solar panels have been steadily decreasing, making this a financially attractive option for many homeowners. Additionally, the availability of government incentives from the SEAI for solar pv installs are that makes the initial investment more manageable are decreasing. With the maximum grant available having reduced to €2100 as of the 01/01/2024.

With energy prices fluctuating, having a solar system can provide financial predictability and independence from the grid. In essence, the combination of technological advancements, economic incentives, and environmental considerations makes the present time an ideal juncture for solar panel installation.

I’ve decided I want solar panels for my Kerry home, what are the next steps?

Simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss a solar setup tailored to your requirements