Welcome to Gilroy’s Green Energy Ltd. a construction company working in Dublin and Kerry. We carry out works for Agricultural, Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and Residential Clients. We are know as a one stop building company by our clients.

GILROY’S Building & Maintenance Contractors

In our company we believe in working with our clients and designers as members of a team focused on the successful delivery of every project to the highest standard, on time, to specification and within budget. Practical experience, technical adapt, motivated management and supervisory team make us particularly efficient and capable.

From small to larger projects we deliver the same quality service while always working with the client. We are constantly looking at ways and ideas to expand and develop our company to maintain our high quality reputation.

We have completed numerous building projects of different price design and complexity, and have worked closely with many Architects, Surveyors and Engineers in ensuring clients achieve the best possible build for their needs. We work consistently within budget and programme and have never been involved in arbitration proceedings. We pride ourselves on our accident free safety record and our ability to ensure our sites are of the highest safety standards at all times.

From new builds to house extensions, retrofitting kitchens and bathrooms, new plumbing and electrics, to installing photovoltaic solar system’s, boiler replacement, and installation of solar thermal panels and heat recovery systems, we are able to complete any project on time, within budget and according to specifications.

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