PV solar system installed in Leinster on rooftop of business

This is another gilroys.ie 6KWH photovoltaic solar system installed on a rooftop of a business in Leinster in August 2015. This system will generate in excess of 6,000 KWH / units of electricity per year. Saving our clients over €1,300 on electricity /energy costs per year. Plus lower there Co2 carbon emissions footprint by over 3,240KG. On top of the savings on electricity / energy bills.

Our clients will receive €767 Tax incentive. Plus when the government gives the generation REFIT tariff that has been announced in the whitepaper. The payback on our photovoltaic solar system(s) will be under 3 year’s. So after 3 year’s thy will be generating FREE green electricity with the gilroys.ie PV solar system for a further 22 year’s. As all of our photovoltaic solar panels come with a 25 year guarantee and all of our inverters come with a 10 year guarantee.

For more info go-to gilroys.ie or phone Leinster 01 814 8929 Munster 066 711 5920 and talk to one of our photovoltaic solar team to see how much you can save with our photovoltaic solar system)s) and book your FREE survey & quote.


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