We are a company which does installations for clients in the Agricultural / Commercial/ Industrial & Residential sectors. With over 25 years experience your works will be in safe hands with Gilroy’s…

As for our larger clients which use a lot of electricity we can now put in up to 50KWH of PV solar in one installation. After we get the go ahead from www.esbnetworks.ie (with your MPRN number). Connection of such a system requires approval from the electricity supply company. We will do all the paper work with ESB Generation Notification plus we will give you a certificate of completion & commissioning.

  • For clients which do, this is looking at a return of up to15% plus, as a limited company you get 100% tax allowance for the cost in the first year as it is green energy that is in compliance with www.seai.ie.
  • Photovoltaic technology is mature, robust and reliable, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance.
  • No fuel or supply chain needed.
  • Photovoltaic systems are relatively easy and quick to install.
  • The components used in photovoltaic systems have proved themselves during long use; they are weather resistant, UV resistant and can withstand extremes of temperature – in space exploration, photovoltaic powers space station life support systems.

All areas of Ireland covered.

Go Eco friendly and reduce on your energy BILLS with Gilroy’s green Energy Ltd.

Did you know that for every KW of electricity used it makes 0.54 Kg of Carbon Emissions. For every one KW used the ESB network has to make 3KW.

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